“reply with your resignation…” Grubhub’s Grubby Jackboot Jerk

I had never heard of Grubhub, because I don’t have many meals in the USA. But it seems the company is one of the biggest in its sector, online dining.




Far-left SOB Maloney

It is run by a nasty, vindictive, far-left SOB, Matt Maloney, who last week e-mailed every single employee in his company, raging at the American people’s stunning victory over the elite.


People took jobs within the klutz’s company for many reasons, I suppose, but NOT to be coerced into voting for whichever leftist louse their bully-boss tells them to.

But Matt ‘Mao’ Maloney doesn’t see it that way.

His power to intimidate may not include concentration camps, like his ideological catamites in Cuba and North Korea…

communism tyranny



… but nevertheless, thought-control is the ghastly, grubby message coming out of his office.

‘If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.


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The good news is that – 

Grubhub’s stock fell 4.8% to close at $35.31 on Friday. The company declined to comment beyond Mr. Maloney’s statement.

Real Americans presumably don’t care for the hoodlum mentality, the red nazis, the antifa. the Mexican flag wavers we saw, and still see, in anti-Trump riots.

So they also won’t like nauseating pinko creeps like Maloney, using their lap-tops as billy-clubs against employees who are at their mercy.

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  • Let’s help the real Americans put the boot into Grubhub!

People in the USA who believe in freedom from fear are fighting back.  

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It’s time for us to stand together and tell Maloney he’s wrong and we won’t accept this!

Don’t let the media’s claim that he is backtracking fool you. His e-mail is still up at Grubhub’s site for all to see.

Well, it’s simple. If Maloney wants to fire employees who did not vote for Hillary and don’t share his views, we simply will #deletegrubhub.

Please sign this petition now and for everyone who signs, we’ll email Maloney to let him know another customer or potential customer will #deletegrubhub.


Thank you!