S.N.L. Exploits Leonard Cohen’s Death To Exalt Clinton

Leonard Cohen, a genius whose music transcended politics, had barely been buried –  RIP Leonard Cohen –when the sicko media creeps in America…


….decided to exploit his music to extol one of the most disgraceful and corrupt creatures in modern political history.


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Some soppy blonde bint named McKinnon sat down at their piano and, purporting to be the repulsive Hillary Clinton, sang one of LC’s greatest songs, Hallelujah.




I just liked the man’s music. I have no idea what the late cultural icon’s politics were.

I doubt they were conservative, but he was a man who thought deeply about things (and retained a sense of humour – perhaps the two aspects go together!)

For these dumbo media apparatchiks to express their frustration at the defeat of their hypocritical idol with a rendering of his deeply spiritual song is extremely offensive.

Saturday Night Live kept Trump out of the spotlight, focusing on Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton and a performance of “Hallelujah.”

Saturday Night Live opens with Hillary Clinton, Leonard Cohen tribute

Clinton has turned her coat enough times…

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…and turned her back on decent American values dramatically.

She deserved her defeat and should crawl off-stage into a well-merited obscurity.

For the far-left freaks of SNL to hold her up as some sort of saint is bad enough.

To rob the newly dead for a song to exalt her is odious.