Ugly Queer ‘Actress’ Urges Murder In America!

As you know, I enjoy watching The Walking Dead, the tv zombie horror show, which just got more horrible this new season with a very villainous character who carries a baseball bat, named Lucille, to bludgeon his victims to death.


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He is a fictional character, of course, but it transpires that he has real-life wannabe imitators among the American Left.

Guess which of the red nazi thug element in the USA said this?

…pick up a baseball bat and take out every f–king republican and independent I see. #f–ktrump #f–ktheGOP #f–kstraightwhiteamerica #f–kyourprivilege.”

‘Orange is the New Black’ actress Lea DeLaria says she wants to ‘take out’ Trump supporters with baseball bat

I had never heard of Lea Dilaria, so sought a photo, but at first sight I couldn’t see anything that might accord with the description ‘actress’ under that name.

Naively, I had expected something vaguely female.


  • lea
  • I’d forgotten this is Obama America still, till Trump’s inauguration in January. That’s the ugly brute, in arguably one of its more flattering pics.

At this point, local cultural marxists and/or gaystapoids here in Indonesia usually send in comments asking how dare somebody as hideous as Yours Truly dismiss anyone else as ‘ugly.’

There are even occasional criticisms of my sartorial elegance!

My answer, before they bother today, is that it’s my blog…

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Adonis, in Greek mythology, a youth of remarkable beauty, the favourite of the goddess Aphrodite

…and if they want to use their own blogs to define my countenance as less fetching than Adonis’s, go ahead. I live a full life, worked hard for years and still playing hard, so it shows!

But my views are out there to encourage and sometimes re-energise hundreds of readers every day …

One Million RRA Readers! Hallelujah! 

…whereas the vile vomit we get from vicious, maladjusted leftists like Dilaria can only inspire bad brutes on the streets of American cities to do harm to decent people.

If Dilaria was fired by its employers, in whatever production it’s currently involved, that would only be right and proper.

Instead, we have intolerant creeps like Grubhub’s Maloney –“reply with your resignation…” Grubhub’s Grubby Jackboot Jerk  – threatening the jobs of patriots simply for the views they hold.

The sooner Obama America comes formally to an end, the better!