Colombia – Appeasement Monkey To Scorn Democracy?

Last post tonight, a lot today, on all manner of issues, because the pouring rain came on while I was lunching at my fave West Jakarta warteg…


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…so I hurried home and have been indoors ever since!


As ranting mobs of rabid crimmigrants and their spoilt-brat ‘millenial’ fans…

and, OMG, how spoilt they are –  

…continue to protest against democracy by wreaking havoc on the streets of various American cities…


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Flag-burning filth rage against democracy

….and while un-elected judges ponder telling Brits who declared independence from supranational misrule that they have no right to do so…


evil judge

Remember, Remember, 5th December! UK Judges On Trial!

…we hear from South America that Kerry’s pet, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, may also, similarly, seek to disrespect democratic principles.


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Colombians, in a referendum, rejected a sell-out deal with the red terrorists of FARC.

But lackeys of that pusillanimous president who concocted the scheme have emerged from Havana…


….yeah, Cuba, where no democratic vote on anything has been allowed for half a century or more!


…with a ‘new, improved’ version.

Details are not so far known, but already the government’s lead negotiator, Humberto de la Calle, said at a joint press conference with the guerrillas and guarantor countries the new deal would not be to the satisfaction of all Colombians, but was “better” and “resolves many of the criticisms and observations.”

Maybe so.

But the report we just read suggests the scheme may well disallow any expression of democratic disapproval.

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Obviously, if the first outcome was rejected by a referendum, the second should also be put to the same test – a free and fair ballot with every Colombian citizen entitled to have his or her say.  

Whether the newly reached agreement, which has yet to be made public, will be sent for ratification to Congress or again be subject of a referendum is unclear.

How dare they flout the people’s verdict with talk of an in-crowd pact instead of a referendum?

Colombian patriots should make clear they will NEVER accept any appeasement deal as legitimate without that essential measure. The proper thing to do with marxist terror beasts is to wipe them out!