Good Cheap Books! In English! Kuningan City, Limited Offer!

Took a trip into town today, weather fine, meeting some nice young Indonesians to tell them some traveller’s tales!

They liked best the one about my trip to Frankfurt for the World Cup!


Hasil gambar untuk world cup 1974 frankfurt ticket scotland yugoslavia


The one in 1974!

Since traffic was extraordinarily uncongested, I detoured into Kuningan City mall, my plan being to scour Lotte Mart for discounts.

Hasil gambar untuk kuningan city mall



Apples 70% off, eggs 50% off.


…a little ‘book-fair” shop, only there till the end of November, so the nice girl said, selling good quality imported paperbacks for prices as low as Rp. 30,000!

It’s downstairs, just to the right of the entrance to Lotte Mart, near Century apotek. 

I bought two.

And will go back next week when I have more time to browse.

This is a public service announcement!