Mais Non, Le Rouge! Le Pen’s Ideal For Remembrance Day!

Far be it from me to defend the BBC, but needs must – at least just this once!

They had an interview this past weekend, with Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s patriot party, and the reds and pinkos are up in arms at one of their usually most reliable media ally’s audacity.

But it was plain common sense to have her on their show – as their spokesman explained. 

Among the reasons he stated was Donald Trump’s shock election win which he said made victory for Ms Le Pen a “possibility.”


“If you’re unhappy about Marine Le Pen’s electoral success, fair enough, but that success – and Trump’s shock win – justify this interview…We either treat her seriously or censor her.”



Numerous Scots marxist undesirables were incensed by this rare wee bit of sense from Glasgow’s Labour  council regime.

Which confirmed it was the wise thing to do!