Ugly Americans- ‘Sniper’ Harrigan and CNN’s Sanders

Here’s a demented wannabe sniper.


PJ Media Coffee Break Featured Image


He’s  Matt Harrigan, CEO of PaketSled, an American company which wisely put him on administrative leave after he threatened to murder Donald Trump.

I’m going to kill the president. Elect,” Harrigan declared on Facebook…

PJ Media do well to tell us of this wicked little weasel’s murderous declaration, because, as they note..

So far, the MSM has been mum on this story.

Now some media are catching up with this very Ugly American!

But this freak – who has now resigned but not so far been detained by police – is, alas, not alone in being caught up in a feeding frenzy of leftist hate.

Consider the many other calls for assassination and a flurry of ‘social media’ activity concerning exhortations to rape Melania Trump.     Twitter Allows ‘Rape Melania’ to Trend

Nor should we forget the real violence against Trump supporters, and the vicious media racist who mocked one such victim.

Who else but a prize pig from the CNN sty, of course, named Symone Sanders?.


Hasil gambar untuk symone sanders

CNN’s race-baiter Symone Sanders – what a honker!


Though there are millions of good patriotic Americans, as shown by Trump’s victory, the USA has so many diseased minds, of the Left, as a rule, that it must be diagnosed as a sick society. 

The sooner the cancers are excised, the better.

Harrigan should be incarcerated, along with many others!




If the President-Elect makes good on his promise to deport criminal aliens, that should free up space in the penitentiaries to hold those responsible for the menaces issued against him and his lovely wife.