Brussels Red To USA: ‘You Can’t Undo Obama’s Ayatollah Deal’

And here’s another European far-left shrill telling Americans that no matter how they voted, they’re not free to change Obama’s appeasement policies.


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Mogherini with her terrorist idol, PLO chief Yasser Arafat


She was on France24 this morning, declaring that, because Obama’s sell-out to the ayatollahs in Tehran has UN approval, the USA has no choice but to implement it!

  • As it happens, whatever approval the sell-out got in UN HQ, it now faces almost immediate challenge in the US Congress. The House of Representatives is due to vote for renewal of sanctions on the sectarian tyranny.
  • Senator Tom Cotton, who is a sound thinker on the fight against our common enemy US Senator Tom Cotton says waterboarding isn’t torture , has told media that he agreed with Trump that the deal was “the stupidest deal he’s ever seen.”


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  • American foreign policy for Americans to decide!