Millionaire Wannabe Warrior Schader Urges USA Violence

After what we wrote about Ugly Americans yesterday…

Ugly Americans- ‘Sniper’ Harrigan and CNN’s Sanders 

…here we go again.

I always thought Taxi Driver was a dud movie, but I had no idea of, nor any interest in, the dud who produced it.

Thanks to Breitbart, I have learned that it was a weirdo named Paul Schader.

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And that malignant millionaire seems to have been at the Kool-Aid, given how his hatred of democracy has morphed into overt incitement.

 “We should finance those who support violence resistance. We should be willing to take arms,”


How brave he is, so heroic in his stance that he’s now deleted that comment…


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There’s even a slight physical resemblance!

…and that’s just one sentence among a lot of dangerously irresponsible hogwash, reminiscent of the rhetoric of another nutter with a German name, in 1930s Germany. 

But this is America in 2016.

Again, I have to ask, if police in the USA no longer regard brazen incitement to murderous mayhem as an offence.