Australia – UN’s Crapeau Demands Protest “Rights” For Aliens!

We’ve mentioned Creep Crapeau before (sorry, typo, Crepeau!)

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But how’s this for an unwelcome guest abusing Australia’s hospitality?

….the UN rights expert cautioned that the temporary nature of such visas could increase the migrants’ vulnerability

as they would often refrain from reporting, protesting and mobilising, in fear of having their visa cancelled, being detained or deported.

Anyone on any kind of visa is NOT an Australian citizens, and therefore has no right to ‘mobilise’ or to engage in ‘protests’ in Australia.

To do so would be as out of order as the behaviour of Creep Crapeau, who should be placed on the same Immigration Department’s “movement alert list” which notes people of concern which saw a sectarian fanatic kept from Australia’s sunny shores in 2005. The World Today – Australia bans Muslim public speaker – ABC

Like most civilised countries these days, Oz has more than enough home-grown ratbags, without letting more in.