Trustworthy Media? Scant News of ‘Hamilton’ Hypocrisy!

The Enemy Within has never been so incensed than by Trump’s appointment of Mr. Bannon to be his counsellor.


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  • It has prompted all sorts of pinko spasms and whines about how Breitbart (and by implication all conservative blogs etc.,) dish out suspect news and information.
  • My own blog policy is to use information gleaned from ‘mainstream’ media, and wherever possible the left-lib media, like the UK’s Guardian and the Independent, and that supranational thing that calls itself The Local, aka The Leftal. 
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  • Obviously I do so because then cultural marxist shrills are hard put to it to refute the factual basis of what I argue.
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  • But in my experience some news is deliberately suppressed, ignored, if you will, by left-lib media.
  • Hence sometimes I turn to Breitbart, unafraid, and outside enemy control.
  • And this week we have a splendid example, essential information required to appreciate how hypocritical, as well as pig-ignorant ill-mannered, the cast of Hamilton truly are.


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Hamilton cast, not just boors but hypocrites


The details of the Hamilton casting call released in March read, “Seeking NON-WHITE men and women, ages 20s to 30s, for Broadway and upcoming Tours.”

 When the show’s producers and staff were confronted about this seeming violation of federal employment laws…
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…show producer Jeffrey Seller insisted that Hamilton encourages “diversity,” but that it was perfectly legitimate to exclude all white people.
“I stand by it and believe it to be legal,” Seller said of the controversial casting call.

The point being that, outside Breitbart, and now here, and quite a few more sensible conservative media sources, there seem to be few mentions of this highly relevant aspect.

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  • Not because the left-lib ‘mainstream’ is unaware of it, but because they don’t wish to acknowledge that the sad drips on the stage in New York, yapping about diversity, are part of a show that has been TAINTED BY ANTI-WHITE RACISM FROM THE GET-GO.
  • Those old media are rotten to the core.
  • Best trust Breitbart..and me!