Brussels Bootboys – ‘Pour Encouragez Les Autres!’

Since British readers have been indicating I’ve spent too much time on the anti-democracy antics in America, this morning, before I head into Jakarta’s heat, to meet some more people interested in my views on things, I bow to pressure and take a look at the news from the UK.

There, over the weekend, some 60 of her own MPs have warned Theresa May not to waste time trying to do deals about the Single Market.

And quite right too.

If Brits have goods and services to trade, and plenty of Continental customers seem to think so, it’s in Europe’s own best interests to keep the commercial links running smoothly.

But ‘Europe’ – not the real Europe, all those different peoples who are our best potential allies in the fight against cultural marxism  – but the ideological menace, the Brussels elite…



….is NOT looking at the issue in economic terms at all.

Instead of weighing up what sort of trading arrangements might best serve the interests of the people under their – one hopes temporary – control, the EuroCommissars are out to make an example of the brave Brits who have declared for freedom.


Senior EU officials fear allowing Britain to exit on its own terms could empower far-right candidates in France and Germany, which represent an existential danger to the bloc.

So the whole negotiation is skewed from the start.

It’s NOT about the best interests of ordinary folks, on either side of the Channel!

“Otherwise we would be seen to be giving in to a country that is leaving. That would be fatal.”

That’s an anonymous Brussels flunkey speaking.


  • nazi-eu-hitler

  • HMV

  • ——

  • But we know that voice echoes a malign ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me’ mentality which is absolutely determined to keep their Fourth Reich intact at all costs.

  • Fear-mongering is their weapon of choice at the moment, with anxious eyes on the Austrian election in two weeks…

  • And Marine in France next year.

  • Fear is a powerful weapon, but imagine if they had the European Army they are now seeking to create!

  • …………………..

  • —–eussrburn

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  • How might they THEN contemplate putting down any move they truly view as  an existential danger to the bloc…

  • Jackboot