France’s Fillon – All Mouth and Trousers!

I’m sure Monsieur Fillon is a personally decent man.

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But he has risen to his present position in the polls by appealing to French folk with traditional values.

Yet he has given NO guarantee that he will move to repeal the oxymoronic nonsense called ‘gay marriage.’

If and when he does, we will look at him again.


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In contrast, Marine Le Pen is a clear voice of reason and decency.

It’s clear: we are opposed to homosexual marriage, we are opposed to adoption by homosexual couples, but we are also opposed to adoption by single persons. We feel that a child who is an orphan has already begun his life with a handicap and consequently has the right to the equilibrium of a home with a “father” reference and a “mother” reference. This is our opinion and we will implement it if we are elected because if we are elected it’s that the people will have wanted it. 

Marine Le Pen’s interview with Do Rzeczy

Save the children!