Undaunted Dutch Democracy Campaigners Try Again!

Time to sleep again, after a night watching The Walking Dead and a local version of Take Me Out, where some lucky local lad gets to take his pick of a coupla dozen lovely Indonesian ladies.

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  • Not exactly cerebral stuff, but easy on the eye (the girls, that is, not the zombies!)
  • But before I turn off the box and hit the pit, another bit of news from Holland, a country which has caught my attention several times recently.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/headline-hides-asylum-crime-wave-in-dutch-city/
  • Activists in the Netherlands have gathered almost two-thirds of the signatures needed to initiate a referendum on Europe’s free trade deal with Canada, Ceta.


To require an ‘advisory’ referendum on legislation, the Dutch need 300,000 voters to sign the requisition. I gather it’s around the 200,000 mark now, and could well succeed in getting the number needed.


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  • After our recent post on how Prime Minister Rutte and the EuroCommissars have been working to flout the decision of the electorate in the April referendum on Ukraine…
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Brussels’s Puppets Diss Dutch Democracy – UK Next? 

…it remains to be seen what actual effect another popular vote will have.

One likely result, at least we hope so, is that the Dutch people have the courage to push back, and push for real referenda, that are binding on arrogant elites and not merely ‘consultative.’




The parallels with Brexit are striking, but of course the difference is that Brits were given a guarantee their will would be paramount.


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Brexit, of course, is still being bandied about with both sticky-beak judges and uppity MPs doing much to impede democracy.

Clearly, if courts or legislators block Brexit…


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…the British would be absolutely entitled to take ANY action they felt necessary to put down enemies of the people.