Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy

I just got back home, after another little party, and have heard that the Colombian appeasement monkey Santos has made minimal changes to his sell-out deal with the FARC red narco-gang…


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…and, as we predicted only weeks ago –Colombia – Appeasement Monkey To Scorn Democracy?  – is this time REFUSING to put it to a referendum. 

The pinko weasel Juan Manuel Santos who currently disgraces the office of President….


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Sell-out Santos


…has made clear his contempt for his own citizens, who rejected his previous pusillanimous proposals in a free and fair vote.

So no more free or fair voting for them!

Needless to say, decent Colombian patriots are expressing dismay, including former President Alvaro Uribe who wants more far-reaching changes to the document.

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Uribe has said another referendum should be held, expressing his confidence that voters would once again reject the latest deal.   Colombia and FARC agree on new deal, but no referendum this time

This is SO reminiscent of the French and Dutch referenda on the EuroCon.

Those two nations had the nerve to reject that supranational scheme and thus were banned by the EuroCommissars and their local quislings from ever again having the right to vote on the EUSSR project.

I feel sorry for the Colombians but perhaps they can take a measure of comfort from Brexit and the other signs of universal popular revolt against elitist arrogance.

One of these days, there will be once more be a government in Bogota with self-respect, that will renew the war on marxist evil.




Extermination is, after all, the right and proper approach to communist terrorists.