Is Bloomington Worth Saving? Mayor Spits On America’s Heritage!

A thoroughly enjoyable Thanksgiving get-together in posh uptown Jakarta last night, turkey and all the trimmings, especially STUFFING!   

I love that stuff, as readers of my Christmas piece last year will recall.


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My Home-Cooked Xmas Dinner – New Career In Catering? 

But it may well be that America’s well-loved November holiday will soon be discontinued, at least in Indiana, or at least renamed…


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  • …in case atheists and agnostics feel that there’s something ‘un-inclusive’ about saying a word of thanks to God.

I went to bat for Bloomington, Indiana, earlier this month…

Race Against Time – Can Trump Save Bloomington

…an American city facing one of Obama’s implanted migrant infestations.

But now I wonder if the place is worth defending, after reading about this appeasement monkey.

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Blomington’s Hamilton

  •  The Mayor of Bloomington, Ind., is changing the names of the Columbus Day and Good Friday holidays in order to “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.”
  • In a memo to city employees on Friday, Mayor John Hamilton announced that the Columbus Day and Good Friday holidays — both days when city employees get paid time off — would now be called “Fall Holiday” and “Spring Holiday,” respectively.
  • I won’t go on about it. The National Review article’s author does so, very splendidly.
  • However, in view of my reference to stuffing, above, here’s a short message for Hizonna!

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