Against ‘Violence And Killing?’ Getting Real in Jakarta!

And I’m off out today, just hanging out the washing first, in hopes the Jakarta sunshine isn’t replaced by rain!

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Well, that HMI – the Indonesian Muslim Students’ Association – can demo all they like, though one has to hope they don’t cause more traffic chaos.

But since they say they are trying to make a point about violence and killing…


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  • to protest against the violence and killing of Rohingya Muslims….
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Why are they including the IslamoNazi FPI in their action?

He further added that around 2,000-3,000 people from various organizations, including the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), were likely to participate in the rally…

That FPI’s attitude to violence and killing has been made very clear…


  • fpi kill busddhist
  • …by their own banner in a previous ‘protest!’