Nihil Nisi Bonum De Mortuis? NO WAY! Castro’s In Hell!

I got home about twenty minutes ago, after a nice day out, some good conversation in Ciputat, South Jakarta, and a yummy meal in the warteg on my way home.


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  • My plan was to have a late arvo nap, but on went the tv and out came the news, of the Cuban tyrant’s death.

Gambar terkait


  • I often publish RIPs, including for people whose politics I don’t really know about and may well dislike, but there have to be exceptions to the normal rule about not speaking ill of the dead…


…like Hitler…



…or  Osama Bin Laden.


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  • Anti-communism

 Or anyone who embraced ( and never repented of) the totalitarian evil called Communism.

Astonishingly, even as I sit here, I hear lick-spittle leftists still spinning the rotten lies about his ‘health service,’ spun most noisily by Michael Lard-Ass Moore….


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  • ….but also by others who should know better.

‘The Longest Romance’ – Media Disinformation About a Monstrous Tyranny!

History’s verdict on Fidel Castro will surely be that he was a hypocrite – ranting about ‘the people’ but, ever since he seized power, cared sh-tless of his own people…

referndmlet peole vote

….NEVER, EVER giving them a free and fair vote to say what they thought of the ‘benefits’ of his ‘revolution.’

Castro was also a heinous horror, guilty of much blood. Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered

Castro was a close comrade of Pierre Turdo, who may be at this very moment be making space for him in some infernal claustrophobic coal-shovelling camp.




  • I suppose proximity to Turdo for all eternity must be a pretty damned frightful fate. Let’s hope it’s not the least of Castro’s torments.
  • My one regret is that, while Cuban exiles (i.e. REAL refugees, not the alien rabble in Europe on whom Castro’s pinko  fans currently fawn) are rejoicing…
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  • ….Cubans at home, under the marxist jackboot still, are not yet free to celebrate the demon’s demise.