Brexiteer? In or Near London? Get On Down To Richmond!

Get out there and help!

Zac Goldsmith quit the Commons and is now standing for re-election as an Independent.

UKIP is not contesting the seat, because they reckon Goldsmith is on the right side of history.

Richmond goes to the polls on December 1st, and the news is that  –


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The Liberal Democrats have flooded the constituency with activists.


Although Brits voted for freedom nearly six months ago, the Enemy Within is still fighting a rearguard action for a re-run of the referendum, in the true Europhiliac tradition of keep peoples voting until the Euro-Commissars get the result they require.

The Liberal Democrats are among the shrillest pro-Brussels fanatics.


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  • This bye-election has attracted international attention, with even the Chicago Tribune running a large headline, viz.-

Brexit dominates London vote that was meant to be about Heathrow

BTW, Liar Cameron’s name crops up in the CT story. 

Former Prime Minister David Cameron also made a “no ifs, no buts” promise in 2009 that Heathrow would not be expanded…

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  • …a useful reminder of the lying swine’s record, the years and years that passed before UKIP forced him to keep the promise he broke, way back eight years ago, and let the British people vote. 

3 Nov 2009 – …his decision to abandon a “cast-iron guarantee” to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty..David Cameron to shed ‘cast iron’ pledge on Lisbon treaty |.

In and of itself Richmond is not a major battle – but it is not insignificant either. Every battle counts in the on-going War of Independence.

If you are handy, lend a hand!