Dissing Christians In Mama Stasi’s Germany



The thing about Breitbart which upsets the Left is not that it produces ‘fake news.’

Trustworthy Media? Scant News of ‘Hamilton’ Hypocrisy! 

It’s that it reports real news, shocking news, that the biased so-called ‘mainstream’ media choose to ignore ( aka hide ) and the reason they ignore it?

Not because they are unaware of it but because they do NOT want us to know the truth.


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  • Take that recent shocking story of ingrate migrants’ arrogance and arson, which did make it into the more responsible newspapers. 
  • It’s all about some primitives in Germany who set fire to their ‘asylum centre’ because they didn’t feel they were being sufficiently pampered with confectionaries. 
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  • But if you read down through the Breitbart report, there’s something that’s much more shocking –  not the savages’ behaviour, but the actions of those in charge.              T                                                                                                                                                     000000000000
  •  Ordinary lunchtime meals in the asylum centre were cancelled during Ramadan, to the dismay of non-Muslims, with hot food served only early morning and late evening. A spread of cold food was put out during the day for migrants who weren’t fasting.
  • OMG.

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And last week Mama Stasi Merkel, Obama’s fave fan, has the nerve to announce she’s going to run for chancellor again as candidate of the CHRISTIAN  Democrats…


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  •  …although we now know that her ‘asylum centre’ flunkeys treat Christians as second-class citizens?
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  • You should read the whole Breitbart article  –http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/11/21/migrants-burn-hall-candy-fasting-hours/ –  concerning the two ingrates now facing trial…  –
  • The two men who have now been charged by the state prosecutor are Algerian Adel D., with aggravated arson and dangerous bodily harm, and Moroccan Mohammed B., who called on other migrants to start fires, with acting as his accomplice to both offences.
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  • …whose arson cost German tax-payers TEN MILLION EUROS ( one hopes their snazzy handphones will be confiscated and sold to recoup some of that…
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  • …and that the infamous ‘pocket-money’ the swine get, also from German tax-payers, will be stopped forever. 
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  • But that’s almost incidental to the fundamental issue of the German authorities’ disgusting religious discrimination against Christians (and presumably others like Yazidis and Buddhists and Hindus)
  • To put this in the context of where I live, I have often expressed concerns about the ridiculous curtains draped around street eateries here in 90% Muslim Jakarta.

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T – That’s How Ramadhan Must Be, Mr. UK Ambassador! 

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  • …., owned and operated by a nice Muslim lady, where some of the little waitresses wear head-scarves, it has never, EVER been the case that a good cheap tasty meal has been unavailable for those who wish to eat, any time of day it’s open.
  • And it’s open all through the Ramadan fasting month, except for the week or so when they all go home to Central Java to see their kinfolks.
  • If decent Indonesian Muslims carry on serving regular meals for those who don’t fast, there’s no excuse for publicly-funded German facilities to discriminate against Christians.
  • Those guilty of this iniquity should be disciplined severely or better still…
  • FIRED!
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  • And obviously, savages like that Algerian and Moroccan, and any ‘migrants’who think their dietary habits must be imposed on those who don’t share their beliefs, should be instantly categorised as undesirable aliens, inadmissible to civilised countries..
  • Fasting, when and what we eat, is a CHOICE!
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  • In about a month, I’ll be tucking into Christmas Dinner.
  • I won’t be trying to force everyone else to guzzle poultry and stuffing.
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