In Italy This Time, Ingrate Savages Amok Again!

We reported last week on the outrageous ingrate crimmigrants amok in Bulgaria, and the sensible, albeit belated, response of the Bulgarian Government.


This time, we take another look at the deteriorating situation in Italy, where the citizens have long suffered torments at the hands of  undesirables admitted by Red Renzi. 

Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  

Pity Italy – Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  


…between 100 and 300 of the migrants and refugees living in the accommodation went out onto the street, some of them reportedly shouting at local residents and causing damage.


Italians protesting at degradation of their community


  • .This delightful display of gratitude by uppity aliens took place at a ‘migrant centre’ located in Turin’s former Olympic stadium, an edifice now degraded, alas…
  • Video footage filmed by local residents shows the migrants blocking the street and knocking over garbage cans, while local media reported that some members of the group also damaged road signs and parked cars, and threw stones and bottles.
  • ———-
  • civilised man v savage

The savages’ ‘excuse’ was that they’d heard loud bangs nearby, which might have been fire-crackers or letter bombs.’

That might indeed have prompted them to come out to see what was going on…



…but hardly accounts for, or exculpates them from, their shocking rampage!

Firefighters and police arrived on the scene and the street was closed to traffic as they sought to calm the situation.

That’s from The Local, which fatuously asserts that –

No-one was reported to be hurt in the incident.

Which is no thanks at all to the crimmigrant, stone-throwing rabble.

The Leftal does not – 0f course – include the local patriot leader’s words with which it’s hard to disagree..


  •  Hasil gambar untuk fabrizio ricca lega nord torino
  • Fabrizio Ricca
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  • …the leader of the Northern League on the City Council of Turin, Fabrizio Ricca, said about the night of tension:
  • ——-
  • “The situation in the former Olympic Village is increasingly incendiary…the facts of this night show that the situation ha totally degenerated and you cannot wait even one day, that area should be released, and the criminals, who this night have destroyed everything they had before, be sent back where they came from….


And fingers crossed the referendum in a week’s time will see that Red in Rome forced to keep his promise to resign if the electorate rejects his so-called ‘reform’ of the constitution.