Merkel’s Paris Poodle – Won’t Deport, Happy To Bribe!

It’s probably not unfair to say that Francois Hollande is the among the most widely despised worms in Europe.

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His own people’s low opinion of Merkel’s Elysee Palace poodle is shown in current polls, and now he’s about to exacerbate that contempt by ripping off honest French tax-payers some more, lashing out millions of euros in largesse to lawless aliens.

Yes, I know he does that all the time, most recently with the expensive  – and iniquitous – scheme to impose colonies of crimmigrants on all kinds of small towns and villages all over France, against the will of the French people living in those unfortunate communities.

Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

But now we learn he’s authorised bribes of TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED EUROS per illegal immigrant, and all they have to do to get the bludger bonus is to go back where they belong.


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  • No way, I hear my critics say, Ross is ranting on again, fake news to ‘stoke’ anti-crimmigrant attitudes  – ‘stoking’ is one of the cultural marxists’ fave buzz-words in this context…
  • ——–
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  • Put ‘stoking’ and ‘populists’ into Google news search – you’ll see!
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  • …as if the patriot parties around Europe are actually creating, instead of representing, the indignation felt by citizens against the Enemy Within elites and the ungrateful horde they’ve imported!
  • And indeed, I must confess I’ve not given you all the facts…yet.
  • So here’s the rest of the story.
  • The figure I quoted is actually inaccurate. 
  • ...the air fare will also be paid for, and some migrants will be eligible for up to €10,000 of financial aid in setting up employment when they return. 
  • NB The French economy is currently in a bad way, if you didn’t know. 
  • There’s also some extra detail in the report, that Afghani migrants would be most likely to take up the offer, noting that 400 had already voluntarily returned home this year alone. France to offer migrants €2500 to return home freely
  • —-
  • And what have they done to deserve these lavish hand-outs? Gate-crashed France’s frontiers. And guess what?
  • There are hordes more trying to emulate the lucky winners, packs of savages prowling around Ventimiglia, on the Italian border…
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  • France’s Enemies Within – Exposed by NYT!! 
  • 000000000
  • I don’t know if there’s been any analysis done, of how much it would cost to detail a detachment of sturdy gendarmes, or maybe the new citizen volunteers, to round up a few hundred illegals every week, put them in manacles and load them aboard a French military transport aircraft, like this one…

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…and drop them back in Afghanistan, or Sub-Saharan Africa, or wherever, but I can’t see why that is not the preferred alternative.


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France’s Fillon – All Mouth and Trousers! 

Phoney ‘conservative’ Fillon wouldn’t have the guts to do that…

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  • ..but I think I know who might!