Books for Christmas? ‘Dead Men’s Bones!’

With the holidays zooming up closer, the partying season is once more upon us – three last week, just one this week, but three more the week after!



That’s why I tried to rest up on Sunday.

But once we near mid-December, life slows down as many expats disappear, home for the holidays.

Hence books are a must.

Spent two days reading an excellent paperback, a real page-turner, a little bit reminiscent of Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus novels, but sufficiently different to give James Oswald’s works a distinct appeal.

The hero is another Edinburgh cop, Detective Inspector McLean, not quite as cynical as Rebus, but world-weary nevertheless.

His honesty bumps up against complacency and corruption both within and outwith (good Scots word that!) Police Scotland, and inevitably in ‘high’ society.

And that wonderfully dry, arid, I should say, Scots humour bristles regularly in every chapter.


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Dead Men’s Bones: James Oswald: 8601418308812: ..


  • McLean’s upright approach to his responsibilities is almost undermined by an intriguing character, a most mysterious person, a HOT femme fatale, of indeterminate age and origins.
  • That description might apply to many of the gals you meet in certain Jakarta bars…
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  • …but they are not (usually!) likely to plunge you into deadly danger!
  • As McLean’s investigating an horrific murder-suicide, the hottie tottie pops up as the most obvious suspect  – yet it’s not just who, but why and how, that turn out to be the questions leading readers through violent and, in the end, nightmarish adventures.
  • I am asking my nearest and dearest to get me some more Oswald books for my Kindle Christmas treat!