Recount USA? But WHOSE Votes Should Be Counted!

One immediate GOOD thing to result from the left’s demand for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is that Donald Trump has regained some of that fire that had seemed to be dying down.
Whilst we recognise his need to do deals with RINOs in the Senate in order to push through any legislation at all, it’s been a tad worrisome to contemplate how mild-mannered The Donald has become – not to mention the odd rise and rise of a liberal like Romney.
But please note the way the media freaks are reporting Trump’s latest tweets, in which he has denounced the voter fraud which has undoubtedly played a major part in the tally of ‘popular’ votes for Clinton.
I am currently listening to BBC World News, and the Beeb bint is echoing her Media Party comrades on other channels, an extended yap about how Trump has ‘no proof’ of his claim.
Gambar terkait
She has an American leftist hack named Edward Isaac Dovere on, who’s busily denigrating what he claims as the sources of the President Elect.
But will she give a Trump supporter any chance to rebut Dovere’s sneering diatribe?
No way!
She’s now moved on to other news, very quickly.
So let’s take up where the pinkos left off. 

U.S Elections – Citizens Out-Voted by Obama’s Illegals? 

The risk of fraudsters helping Democrats steal the election was very real.

Let’s not forget all the sterling work done by Project Veritas over the past year or two.



There have been plenty of reports, from all parts of the USA. 

Did Voter Disgust At Racist Democrats Turn Tide in Colorado? 


We know that Obama used his Attorney Generals repeatedly to stomp reforms, first the racist Eric Holder, then his successor Loretta Lynch, each pursuing a vendetta against states which took steps to keep ballots clean.


So blatant has the phenomenon of voter fraud become that it has been reported that in previous elections, it may well have swung close races to the Democrats.

A new study shows that percentage of non-American citizens who illegally voted in close races in recent years may have garnered the Democratic Party victories.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the number of non-citizens voting for Democrats in past elections was “large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections.”

No mention of THAT by the BBC’s blonde bint, nor by Dovere.