Jakarta Riot Detainees – ISIS Rape-Gang Fans?

Police claim nine of the people they arrested during a massive Nov. 4 rally in Jakarta have links to the militant Islamic State (IS) group.http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/11/27/nine-arrested-during-nov-4-rally-have-links-to-is-police.html

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar claimed the nine were believed to have involved themselves in the rally to make it descent into chaos.

Pity the JP sub-editors don’t know the diff between the verb ‘descend’ and the noun ‘descent.’

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But  more to the point…

Since the ‘rally’ did in fact end up in a riot with vicious Islamist hoodlums attacking the police, setting fire to cop cars and injuring more than a few officers, one might ask how much worse it could have got!

But Boy answers that question.

“They intended to grab police guns during the rally, but failed since the officers were not equipped with guns.”





Boy helpfully gives the names of all those concerned, one of whom, Saulihun alias Abu Musaibah, had reportedly been active in recruiting Indonesians to join IS in Syria…

The ISIS rape-gang in Mosul has been identified as terrorist by most of the world.

So if terrorism is still a crime here, which, last I heard, is the case, all the more reason to remind you of the helpful suggestion I made a few weeks ago.


shoot terrs

In Indonesia – Time To Re-Start Terrorist Executions! 

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One assumes these people are still being held by Boy’s men.

If and when they are brought to trial, what will the charges be?

And if they are found guilty, what will the sentences be?