What Islamist Erdogan Needs – A Cuba-Style Embargo!


 –  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


Turkey’s president Erdogan  said “border gates will be opened” if the EU stops accession talks –  https://euobserver.com/enlargement/136045

Such effrontery!

‘I wanna join your club, and if you won’t let me, I’ll send vandals, thugs and arsonists to wreck your club-house!’

A glance at a map shows that only a tiny triangular piece of Turkey actually IS located in Europe…


bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


…although Erdogan no doubt wistfully recalls the ‘glory days’ when his adored Caliphate misruled vast areas…




….and millions of Europeans languished, second-class citizens,  under the sectarian jackboot!

At school, our popular history teacher, known as Caveman, had us read Gladstone’s denunciation, delivered after the Caliph had unleashed his savages on the people of Bulgaria, in the late 19th century –

Let the Turks now carry away their abuses, in the only possible manner, namely, by carrying off themselves. Their Zaptiehs and their Mudirs, their Blmhashis and Yuzbashis, their Kaimakams and their Pashas, one and all, bag and baggage, shall, I hope, clear out from the province that they have desolated and profaned.-

Hasil gambar untuk bulgarian horrors 1876


This thorough riddance, this most blessed deliverance, is the only reparation we can make to those heaps and heaps of dead, the violated purity alike of matron and of maiden and of child; to the civilization which has been affronted and shamed

That was the Caliphate in action in 1878. 


  • Hasil gambar untuk never again nie wieder
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  • The Turks should never again be afforded entry into Europe!
  • Which brings us to a renewed focus on the non-stop coverage of the welcome death of the evil Communist Castro on all channels…
  • Nihil Nisi Bonum De Mortuis? NO WAY! Castro’s In Hell! 
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  • It would be hard (for anyone old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis) not to compare the response in 1962…
  • ..

Gambar terkait


…by America, to a clear and present danger – with the effete bleating we hear from Berlin and Brussels about the outrageous extortion threats issuing from Ankara.

We did warn you, ages ago, with our Danegeld posts… .https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/crimmigration-treacherous-turks-pound-of-flesh/…so why is anyone amazed that Erdadolf’s reneged?

The EuroCommissars have shown their backbones are made of marshmallow.  EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Europe not to lecture Turkey on migration.   http://www.euronews.com/2016/11/25/on-migration-i-d-like-europe-to-refrain-from-giving-lessons-to-turkey-says-jean

The combined navies of the twenty-plus countries under direction by Brussels could easily mount a major maritime operation to interdict ships, boats, whatever, going in and out of Turkish ports.


  • DariusIOfPersia1

Erdogan meets the commissars


  • But the Brussels elite would rather go crawling, begging Erdogan not to unleash a crimmigrant tsunami on their satrapies, disowning even the insipid anti-Ankara resolution passed by the Strasbourg talking-shop.
  • That, please note, merely called for a ‘freeze,’ not an end, to discussion of Turkish accession!
  • It makes one wonder if Brussels has a hidden agenda.
  • As cultural marxists, as supranationalists, they don’t have any interest in safeguarding the nations of Christendom.
  • Quite the reverse.
  • If those nations are multiculted to the point of eroding their historic identities, as the Bliderberg SOB Peter Sutherland wants…


Peter Sutherland, Europe’s arch-enemy

…and as the Dutch EuroCommissar Timmerman has declared a desirable objective…Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power!…then all the easier to quell resistance to the EUSSR’s super-state goal.

And after all, if Brussels were, in any sense, serious about safeguarding Europe, stopping the alien hordes, then why have they not stopped that which the BBC announced today?


Migrant crisis: Italy sees record arrivals from North Africa

Consequently, it HAS to be a top priority for the patriot parties across the Continent to mobilise electorates, not just to win more political power, when elections occur, but, in the meantime, to intensify public awareness of, and hostility to, the Turkish threat from beyond the Aegean…



…AND to any Turkish influence within their borders.

I don’t know any more than you do about Erdogan’s network of agents http://www.thelocal.de/20161125/report-turkish-spy-in-germany-plotted-murder-of-2-kurds but we all know that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, of disloyal Turks, owing allegiance to that dictator.

In Germany, where Merkel’s plaintive, lower-than-a-snake’s-belly plea for loyalty has inevitably fallen on deaf ears  ..

….and in Austria...

…where there is, in a few days, rising hope that Herr Hofer might bring sanity on the issue into the corridors of power, we see the battle-ground.

So a complete maritime blockade, yes, but more measures too must be envisaged, because that 1962 embargo was hardly a triumph.

Had Kennedy given the Bay of Pigs heroes the air support they needed – and were promised – Castro would have been overthrown, tried for treason…


….and shot, over 50 years ago.  

Learn lessons from history.

Aid to the Kurdish separatists, much as Churchill sent aid to European resistance groups in WW2!

And economic sanctions!

And, ultimately, if Erdogan persists in letting crimmigrants mount incursions against the civilised world, a large-scale mining of harbours and all along the enemy coast.

Oh, and all those Turkish officers asking for sanctuary in Western cities?



  • Invite them to form a secularist government-in-exile, proclaiming the ideals of Kemal Ataturk.
  • Then recognise that government, and give it the means to take Turkey back from the evil Islamists currently dragging their country down.