As McCain Mealy-Mouths, CNN Goes Into Melt-Down!

What a miserable, mealy-mouthed performance today from failed Republican presidential candidate, Arizona Senator John RINO McCain..



…who didn’t have enough cojones ( I use that Spanish word in appreciation of his enthusiasm for Mexican illegals) to answer a straightforward question as to what he thinks about Donald Trump’s welcome denunciation of flag-burning filth.

McCain: No comment on Trump flag burning tweet – CNN Video

Then shortly after that, we had the unspeakable CNN shrew Amanpour kick off her shrill show by saying that Trump had attacked Americans’ First Amendment right to protest.’


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  • ………………
  • That’s a blatant lie.
  • Neither Trump nor any of his associates has said citizens have no right to protest.
  • What he did say was that in his opinion ( and, I suspect, most decent people’s opinion) treasonous swine who set fire to the Star and Stripes should get jail-time, or be deprived of the privileges they enjoy as American citizens. 
  • THEN it got worse, with a ranting leftist named Walter Shapiro as her guest.
  • He’s a failed Democratic Party candidate and a former speech-writer for Jimmy Carter, BTW, just in case you might imagine Amanpour would have anyone objective on her show.

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While not visibly frothing at the mouth, Shapiro was evidently near hysterics, accusing Trump of being a con-man and worse, because the President-Elect, presumably more aware of voter fraud than the left-lib media, had chosen to communicate his views directly and candidly with the nation he’s been elected to lead.

CNN bias is utterly offensive. Read this link for some specific examples. 

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  • The problem is a lot of people probably do believe the garbage that CNN churns out, folks who just swallow the cr-p that’s fed to them without thinking too much.
  • Trump is waking those people up and CNN can’t handle that.