Fat Fivers Affront Shoe-Wearing Shrills!

As the UK Government grapples with weighty issues, Brexit, migration, employment, it’s good to see that some Brits are busily burnishing the Sceptred Isle’s reputation for eccentricity...

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New £5 notes contain animal fat, Bank of England admits, causing outrage among vegetarians

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  • Seriously?
  • Despite the fact that most of the loonies will be wearing leather shoes ( or sandals, since they must include many sad old hippies!) and belts, and will gleefully be murdering potoatoes and cabbages, ripped willy-nilly from the soil of the realm?


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Poor potato!


Yes, it seems!

The Bank of England’s confession that there is a trace of tallow in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes has caused something akin to nervous break-downs among the demented muesli-guzzling element, with many expressing shock and disgust…


Hasil gambar untuk ya gotta be kidding


I am preparing to go out to Superindo, to buy some beef, for spicy rendang…





…and may well get some eggs, if there’s a discount, and am grateful that this news has reminded me to stock up on spuds, on whom I shall later inflict damnable tortures.

Thank God I’m not in the UK!

Not, to be honest, because I fear contagious delirium, but because I am planning to relax this afternoon and remember the weather in The Old Country, on my last visit, in September…




…December starts tomorrow and sun-bathing here in Jakarta makes MUCH more sense

But as to a sensible response to this new nonsense, Yours Truly can merely quote two, from people quoted in the article, people I don’t know but loudly applaud.

One reminds us of the sheer volume of animal products used in the manufacture of modern day textiles. For example: Rubber tyres, Asphalt, Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Glass, Drywall, Gelatin Capsules, Glue

And this other one makes the most sense of all!

 If you don’t want any new £5 notes because they apparently contain animal fat then please post them through my letterbox cheers..