Scots Today OK! But Aussies In Freaky Fremantle?

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 St. Andrews Day, 30th November, so a suitable illustration, at least this year.

Given that ‘wee nyaff’ Sturgeon’s multicult leftism, by next year she may have dumped that St. Andrew’s Cross to avoid ‘offending’ all those ‘asylum’ aliens she’s got swarming into Scotland!

Elsewhere in Europe, we’ve heard such disrespectful demands already.

Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! 


But at least I can’t imagine anyone of Scottish origins treating the 30th November with the blatant contempt evident in the antipodean regions of the globe….

Fremantle axes Australia Day celebrations for ‘culturally-inclusive alternative’

Predictably, almost, the Mayor of Fremantle is a former ‘sustainability professor’ who specialised in ‘climate change!

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So no surprise Hizonna Brad Pettit is up to his neck in this grovel to’minorities,’  who these days, in a negation of democratic principle, get priority over the will of the majority.

We believe moving away from this date was more culturally inclusive and more in line with Fremantle’s values.”

Australia Day “may not have the same implication for all Australians”, and the city wanted a “more inclusive” celebration.

Oh yeah?

The city?

  • sb2-australia-day_banner
  • Did Pettit hold a municipal referendum?

Not bloody likely.


Colin Barnett

Premier Barnett


But patriotic voices are being heard.

“It’s disloyal to our country, it’s disloyal to our state, and I think it’s disloyal to the community of Fremantle.”

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett spoke sense and surely reflects most normal Aussie opinion.

Australia Day is now a day for all Australians — whatever their background, wherever they were born — and I think any group that tries to detract from that does a disservice to our country and to our people, all of our people.”

Even more tellingly, a prominent Aboriginal elder  has condemned Pettit’s pusillanimous assault on Australia Day. 

Dr. Robert Isaacs is a former head of the Australia Day Council, who has dismissed the pinko ploy as silly and out of step with the majority of the community.

It [Australia Day] brings the community together, it brings the Australian people together and it celebrates the good this country has provided for everyone.”


Well, to Scots today, I say, enjoy your day!


And as for all the many nice Australians I know who read this blog…

Invite all your decent compatriots in Fremantle to celebrate Australia Day when it comes around…



…loudly and publicly, and show the world that prissy prat Pettit does NOT represent them.