Turdo Out, Tsipras In – Havana’s Basket of Deplorables!

Up early today, well-rested after a day of indolence yesterday, with an attentive visitor well-versed in cookery.

So now tuned into France24, and heard that Justin Turdo is skipping the ceremonies organised in Havana to bid farewell to Fidel on his journey to eternal hellfire, despite his effusive tribute to Castro in the wake of his death.


Pretty Boy’s as rotten as his dear old dad, but not as bold – Pierre would have gone, as Castro did to Pierre’s ten years ago.


  • castro-trudeau-neanderthal
  • ———–
  • This time round, in timorous fashion, Turdo Junior has sent the Governor General, the Queen’s Canadian stand-in, who constitutionally has to oblige.
  • Part of the Turdo Dynasty’s on-going project to demean the monarchy?
  • Neither will Obummer be there, though he’s playing coy about whom he’ll send.  
  • “The president will not be travelling to attend the funeral ..” said a spokesman, stopping short of revealing who would lead the US delegation.

However, my curiosity was piqued.

Every government with diplomatic relations has to acknowledge the tyrant’s obsequies, but only those with no sense of decency would send a head of state to weep over evil.

Needless to say, a basket of deplorables ( nice turn of phrase, so I shamelessly borrow it!) will be there, mangy marxists like Maduro of Venezuela, plus other Latin American leftists.

Plus South Africa’s ghastly Zuma.

But let’s look at Europe.


  • Martin+McGuinness+UK+Prime+Minister+Theresa+WD7OZTrWDp_l
  • —-
  • Although she evidently sees nothing wrong with shaking the blood-stained hand of live murderous brutes, like Sinn Fein/IRA’s McGuinness, the British PM, Theresa May, has said nothing about the dead despot, and is sending an insignificant minister, Alan Duncan.
  • NB – McGuinness’s satanic comrade,  Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Féin...


adams murders

– the Irish political party long associated with the IRA..

Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’   .

…is going!

Since Castro opted for cremation, any stench in the vicinity will be from that rancid republican.

Hollande, despite his enthusiasm for Castro’s imprisoned island, is staying home, maybe stressed out over his unpopularity as he mulls running for another term.

But Red Tsipras showed up, and NO SURPRISE AT ALL.


  • A Greek who shows contempt for his own Greek people…

Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

….of course won’t hesitate to mourn publicly a Cuban who spent his life oppressing Cubans.