Unmask and Put Down Red Nazis – Top Oz Priority

If a gang of scruffy masked thugs were seen prowling around your neighbourhood you’d be ill-advised not to call the cops.

Presumably the cops would soon be on the scene and asking for ID  – no ‘rights’ hogwash about cowardly louts hiding their faces.

So why don’t Victoria Police immediately do the same when scum like those pictured below show up with the express intent of suppressing free speech.

0000000000000000000000000000000 Fascist Leftoooooooooooooo

I’m no expert on Oz law, but if the police are not permitted to order removal of masks, then they should be and legislators ought to move to remedy that legal shortfall.

Actually that photo seems to have been taken by somebody with a wry sense of humour.

That dimwit tart with pink hair out there saying ‘nazis’ should be kept off the streets, yet clearly on splendid terms with a nazi mob who could do with severe fumigation, both ideologically and probably bodily.

Andrew Bolt’s column drew me to this topic  – which I’ve noted before –

Memo to Oz – Stop Antifa Storm-Troop Thuggery!  –

Red Nazi Antifa Stalks Patriots – At Tax-Payers’ Expense? 

–  because he’s writing about a meeting in Caulfield, Victoria  this weekend. 

A conservative Jewish lobbyist who has organised the event with One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts, said he was working with police to ensure a safe and peaceful community forum.


pauline hanson



  •  Avi Yemini expects the One Nation law-makers to talk about Islamic immigration and other controversial topics such as changes to Freedom of Speech laws…

  • And a good thing too.

  • These are matters that really NEED to be debated, openly and often.

  • I haven’t studied One Nation’s entire programme but I suspect they may talk more sense than we often hear from Green Party gargoyles like Sarah Hanson-Young!


tears sarah-hanson-young

Green Gargoyle Hanson-Young


  • Whatever they say, they have a perfect right to say it – although Tony Abbott’s proposed reforms to restore real free speech were dropped to appease thin-skinned sectarians.



‘Australian’ Grand Mufti – a very undesirable intolerant alien

So Aussies still have to mind they don’t offend intolerant bigots like that very un-Grand Mufti with whom Malcolm Turnbull likes to frolic.

Yet we must listen carefully to what Victoria Police are saying.

Their Danielle Fleeton openly admits that they’re aware that similar events in the past have resulted in violence.

Obviously, in that case, the police should be suitably equipped, fire-arms, billy-clubs and tear-gas, to prevent that.

Clear warnings need to be given, to anyone who shows up looking for trouble, that any or all of that equipment will be used.

But that cop spokeswoman actually goes on to urge attendees to be aware and not bring vulnerable people or children.

Fair enough, young children should not be brought to demos – adolescents, yes, but not children in the real sense of the word; they won’t understand much anyway.

But ‘vulnerable people?’

Old folks? disabled folks? Ordinary people who have the misfortune to be slightly built?

Why should anyone in those categories be denied their civil rights because rabid marxist filth don’t approve of free speech?

Andrew Bolt is correct when he concludes –

I’d like the courts to get tougher, too. We can’t have such people make others too scared to meet publicly.’   http://www.heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-bolt/showdown-needed-with-the-violent-left/news-story/

True, courts should put the antifa red nazis away for ten to twenty years for politically-motivated violence.

It’s a hate crime, is it not?

But before it even gets to court, the coppers on demo duty should be assured there will be no regrets if they rip off the thugs’ masks and get stuck right into them.