Senatorial Snakes? Is CNN Actually ADDICTED To Bias?

No, the ‘snake’ reference is not to McCain or McConnell – though some of you might think that more appropriate!

In fact it’s not in connection with the U.S. Senate at all, but with Italy’s, where Red Renzi’s referendum is due this weekend.

As those of you who read this modest part of the media will know, the cultural marxist pro-crimmigrant premier has promised to resign if voters reject his ‘reform’ of the Italian senate.

Hence two major opposition parties, the patriot Liga Nord and the Five Star movement, are campaigning hard against the proposed changes, which are designed both to reduce senate power and transfer powers from the regions to the central government i.e to Red Renzi!

CNN’s take on Renzi’s objective?


Hasil gambar untuk cnn bias


TO ‘DEFANG the ‘BLOATED Senate! ‘

Hasil gambar untuk anaconda fangs


How’s that for ‘objective’ reporting?

CNN likens the upper house of a civilised democracy to  to an obese anaconda?




Nor was there any similarly insulting slight to the red rat who’s ruining Italy!

So how come CNN feels obliged to crank up its output of prejudiced propaganda even when covering a far-away vote on an obscure ( for non-Italian viewers) constitutional issue?


An upset there is said ( in their own report too) to ‘threaten the future of Europe!’

That’s a lie too, of course, because Europe will still be there the morning after the referendum, as it was when Rome was built and will be as long as no new Ice Age causes continents to shift. The EU and Europe are hardly the same thing!

The political defenestration of Red Renzi might, with a bit of luck, upset the EuroCommissars in Brussels, whose supranational sticky-beak powers and whose currency, the euro, are anathema to both the Liga Nord and Five Star.

And CNN’s ideology, as we saw via its revolting bias throughout the American election process, detests ANYONE who puts his own people first.

If Red Renzi, whose indifference to his own people has been made manifest again and again, were to be replaced by a patriot, the Brussels elite would be wounded badly.

And elites, and their lapdog media, stick together.