Now’s The Hour, Nuttall! Go For The LibDem Jugular!

Congratulations to Paul Nuttall, new leader of UKIP and a somewhat more reassuring figure than the daft bint who dropped out last month.


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But now he’s got to focus on the foe.

Which foe?

Public Enemy Number One remains the perennial menace, the EUSSR, which was vanquished in June but is being dragged back to life by Theresa May’s shilly-shallying and other Enemies of the People, like those wigged weasels in the courts.

But in UK electoral terms, it’s vital to go head to head with the lousy LibDems, who reneged on their own pledge to give Brits a referendum…




…and now, after the referendum gave a clear thumbs-down to Brussels,  are doing their damnedest to drive Brits back under supranational control.

One of the few rational Labour MPs, Frank Field, differs. He sees UKIP’s most successful strategy as one of all-out assault on his own party.

“Farage picked up a million Labour votes by accident but with this guy it is all he’s going after,” Field said. “It is about culture, identity and family…”

Yet many of Field’s fellow Labour legislators, of their own volition, contemptuous of patriotic instincts, will give UKIP tons and tons of votes.  

Nuttall just has to scoop them up!.



What a honker!


People like the abominable Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, has been clear that Labour must “hold the line” by defending immigration..


More migrants, just what Britain needs!

and Kinnock Junior  – Stephen –Kinnock Kid Taints Commons Tribute With Anti-UKIP Jibe! – son of EuroCommissars Neil and Glenys…


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elite arrogance-s


….is bound to add many more to the flow of Labour voters switching to the People’s Party  – if Junior means what he says, that Labour made a mistake in allowing “nationalist and populist voices” to dictate the immigration debate.

  • ———
  • If that debate is predicated on “nationalist and populist voices” versus ‘supranationalist and elitist voices,’ rich snotties like the Kinnocks talking down to honest working men and women, it’ll be a slam dunk for UKIP!

But it’s the LibDems need to be HAMMERED.

They still get away with presenting themselves as the party of protest. They sedulously try to do so and it works all too often.

UKIP must get the message across to discontented voters that LibDems are establishment par excellence, quintessentially hostile to participatory democracy and to traditional British values.  

This CAN be done…

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…just remember how Nigel Farage whipped that little twit Clegg’s ass in the referendum debate!