Globalise and Mobilise! Fight Kelloggs Pinko Flakes!

Whatcha eatin’?




If you’re in Europe, it’s getting near breakfast time. My breakfast time here in Jakarta has long since passed, and FYI the key component was black coffee.




I prefer what’s in that frying pan above, but am out of bacon. Shopping trip to Superindo over-due. 

But what’s important to emphasise is that in my kitchen cupboards there is…


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Don’t leave it to our American friends.

Here are a few links for Brits  Contact Kellogg’s | FAQs, Email, Phone and Mail and Aussies…and NZ – and HERE’S a toll-free number for Canadians to ring. Kelloggs Canada Customer Service Number | Toll Free Phone Maybe Americans too can use that number, keep ’em busy day and night!



And I appeal to every reader to adopt a similar banishment policy, of cornflakes, or, to be precise, any breakfast product created by Kelloggs, from the morning menu.



Even that infamous hippy stand-by, muesli, oft-mocked here, would be preferable fare – as long as it’s NOT from Kelloggs.  


We here at RRA provide info on events that might appeal to our readers, concerts, expos, etc.. SIMPLY as a public service.

We don’t ‘do’ advertising. .

But the most effective medium fighting cultural marxism is Breitbart. As our own readers are aware, we often give links to Breitbart stories, like this interesting link, from today’s Breitbart…

And Breitbart NEEDS adverts, because it has staff to pay. 

Breitbart has gained added lustre in the eyes of patriots around the world by the controversy over Steve Bannon, Trump’s wise choice for a key White House role.

Even folks who’d never heard of Breitbart sat up and paid attention, when the slobbering hate-freaks of the Left took to CNN,  and all their other pinko platforms, to demand the Breitbart man’s dismissal.

Trump has stood up to the rat pack, and so should we.  

The behaviour of the far-left millionaires embedded in the Kellogg cultural marxist network DEMANDS a serious counter-offensive.

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Another Customer To Dump Kellogg’s

I’ve had enough. As a patriotic, conservative American, I can’t believe that you have targeted Bretibart for punishment because it stands up for my values.

 I’m done with spending my hard-earned money with companies that blacklist conservatives.

I’m done with Kellogg’s. If your company has decided that conservatives customers are, in your words, not “aligned” with your “values as a company”, I will take my business elsewhere.