Preman2 Timor Leste – Savages Amok In England!

The gang of 20 from East Timor, in south east Asia, were caught on CCTV carrying out their attack in Lincoln city centre on May 15.

=====Lincoln Attack


Lincoln Crown Court heard how the gang punched and kicked the victim until he lay unconscious before jumping on his head.

Eight of the gang members seen in the footage have been given a prison term for their role in the attack.

For you English readers, preman is the Indonesian word for thugs. Why do I use Indonesian in my headline?

Just to alert local readers here to a topic that might interest them. East Timor ( Timor Leste) was, after all, a province of Indonesia till just about sixteen years ago, when it broke away. 

But I’d say a better question is-


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WHAT THE HELL ARE these Timorese scumbags doing in the UK?

And why were those convicted given just a few years behind bars?

They should be deported, or put down.