The War of The Austrian Succession? Let’s Wait And See!

In December, it may take one or two additional days to count all ballots, the Interior Ministry‘s top election official, Matthias Vogel, told public radio Oe1.




Well, we didn’t have long to wait, our fingers crossed, for what’s turned out to be a grave disappointment. Herr Hofer didn’t win in Austria. After Brexit and Trump, a Triple Tap against the forces of darkness would have been just grand. 

But it’s not as if there wasn’t other news to keep us energised.

Italy – Red Renzi Out, But More Crimmigrants Pour In! 

  • But let’s stick with Austria!
  • As noted in our intro, in Austria, the Freedom Party’s Herr Hofer wasn’t successful in his bid to become Europe’s first patriot party President-Elect…



 … but just because he lost to the far-left Van Bellen, who had the entire Europhiliac establishment, including the so-called  ‘conservative’ OVP behind him –  Vienna’s Phoney ‘Conservatives’ Urge Vote For Far-Left!  – it certainly doesn’t mean his country’s a lost cause.


Predators and Child MolestorsThough its dire plight —Austrians Face Rising Tide Of ‘Asylum’ Crime!  — will now get worse before it gets better.


Even the pinko media are admitting, in near lachrymose fashion…

Van der Bellen, however, may have scored a Pyrrhic victory…The FPO is strongly positioned for victory, with opinion polls consistently showing it far ahead of any other party.

…that the FPO patriot party is on track to come out in first place in the two rounds of elections.

Hofer’s 47% is a proportion of the electorate never reached by the FPO before.

The rotten cronyist parties in the current coalition are up against it.  They didn’t win the presidency. They had to get Bellen, a red/green who cleverly chose to run as an ‘independent,’ to do the job for them.

If the FPO does win the next parliamentary elections, don’t forget that the Europhiliac ratbag publicly vowed he would NOT acknowledge the will of the sovereign people.


He would NOT accept an FPO Chancellor, no matter how the people of Austria vote.

Now the old red rat is saying he didn’t really mean his dictatorial pledge – In a post-victory interview, Van der Bellen pointedly refused to repeat his earlier campaign assertion that he would make use of his presidential powers to deny a potentially victorious FPO the opportunity to form a government.

So how come he made that assertion? Let’s wait and see if he dares defy democracy. 

THEN watch how such a constitutional crisis unfolds.

We’ll see if Austria’s Armed Forces – whose oath of allegiance is surely to Austria rather than to a jumped-up jackanapes like Bellen – allow their fellow-citizens to be treated with contempt by the man whom Hofer perfectly defined as a ‘green fascist.’.