Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mister Dieter?

I see that Dieter Salomon, the Mayor of Freiburg, in Germany, has already started blathering irresponsibly only a day or so after police arrested a so-called ‘refugee’   – ‘a 17-year-old Afghan’ – in connection with the rape and murder of a young woman who had been trying to help ‘migrants.’  

German police arrest 17-year-old linked to Freiburg student murder

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‘An isolated case,’ the damfool mayor witters to the media.Migrant Arrested After Rape and Murder of EU Official’s Teen Daughter

The man’s a Green, so we shouldn’t expect much in the way of rational comment.
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But his crass attempt at white-washing what’s going on in Germany raises the question –
How long can the left-liberal in-crowd keep this chorus of disgusting denial going, as women across Europe fall victim to a reign of rape terror?
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