UK – Schools May Not Engage in Gaystapoid Persecution

A bit of good news from Cornwall, in England, this month, a rare victory against oppression of Christians in the UK.

We learned of this from the Coalition for Marriage, which reports that…

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Brannel School in St Austell had disciplined teaching assistant Victoria Allen simply for answering questions a pupil asked her about her Christian beliefs, including marriage.



Brannel Head Andy Edmonds

Unbelievable that any Briton should face punishment simply for explaining common decency in terms that upset the evil gaystapo inquisition that permeates public life in the UK?


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  • Hardly.

The stomping of traditional values is common-place nowadays in the British Isles.

But for once, a brave stand ended in an ‘out-of court’ settlement.

Outside the court, Mrs Allen said she was made to “feel like a criminal” for sharing her “personal, Biblical beliefs..”

But it would be fascinating to learn more of that head teacher Andy Edmonds’ role in this story.

Was he unaware of the persecution? If so, it sounds like he’s not much of a principal.

Or was he aware and let it happen?


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  • If so, he should be fired.


Department for Education guidance, issued in the aftermath of the redefinition of marriage, says that “No school, or individual teacher, is under a duty to support, promote or endorse marriage of same sex couples” (paragraph 3.27).