Normal Service Resumed – And Cheap Books At Plaza Festiva!

Alas, my internet connection ceased yesterday morning, and it’s only just been restored by the technicians who came at 11am and replaced the faulty modem.




Hence a full 24 hours near enough with no RRA. 

But I took the opportunity to go into town, as there was a party in the evening – as there is again tonight- and time spent wandering around Jakarta may be wearying but is rarely boring.

Went to Plaza Festival, on Rasuna Said, not far from the Oz Embassy.
My first shopping place in Jakarta all those years back, it was then Pasar Festival but since gentrified to Plaza! So all the good old second-hand book stores were replaced with boutiques etc.
However, I knew that part of it was occupied with the private Bakrie University, so reasoned that if I meandered about an area abounding with students, I might get lucky (no, not in THAT sense -the gals are way too young, for most of you, never mind me!)
Sure enough, I found not only a new basement level second-hand bookstore and got a couple of paperbacks, prices as low as Rp.25,000 !
…but also, close by that, there was a dvd store, where I got five films for Rp.7000 each.
So today, I can catch up with da blog and then go forth once more.