As Christmas Draws Nigh, Remember REAL Refugees!

By sheer coincidence, I have Deutsche Welle on this morning, and I see an ad for a new series they are doing, ‘The Last Prayer...’

… In Iraq, Christian minorities have been displaced by the murderers belonging to the so-called Islamic State. Syrian Christians are also fleeing war and upheaval, while those in Turkey have almost completely disappeared over the course of the 20th century. Although Egypt has the largest Christian community in the Arab world, the Copts enjoy scant protection in law.

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…about Christians in the Middle East.

It starts next week, 22nd December, and I hope it represents a refreshing break from DW’s perennial left-liberal bias…


Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland 


…but I will reserve judgement, keeping my fingers crossed when I watch it.

Yesterday’s sectarian terror bomb at the church in Cairo, was grim news indeed. 

But it reminded me that many, if not most of us, who are raising Hell about all those phoney ‘refugees’ swarming around Europe, many of whom carry not just their back-packs and bags but also a cultural predisposition towards arrant religious intolerance…

Dissing Christians In Mama Stasi’s Germany 

…baggage that should never be permitted by host nations…


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  • … many, if not most of us, are more than ready to give them sanctuary.

They are REAL refugees, and, at this time of year particularly – I just put the tree up last night…




….it’s important to make this clear.