France24’s Lefty Yank Eggs On Greek Pinko Agitator!

Just watching France24’s “The Interview’ – the host, Doug Herbert,  a leftist American, predictably a CNN veteran, eagerly egging on the guest, a Greek pinko who is enunciating anti-Trump sound-bites.

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So far the duet  – it’s hardly an ‘interview’ in any comprehensible sense – has been whining in unison, the Yank incapable of anything but sycophantic cr-p, like ‘wasn’t the Brussels -Turkey deal a violation of international conventions?’

Answer from the Greek, of course, was an emphatic ‘yes!’

But it was the introduction that made me laugh, the Yank declaring that Dimitris Christopoulos had just been ‘elected!’

Of what?

Something called the ‘International Human Rights Federation.’ And we know what kind of ratbags they are. Their ideology can be summed up succinctly –

“Crimmigrants Okay, Patriots aka ‘Populists’ No Way” or, as the Greek tellingly expostulated in a typical cultural marxist rant –


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Dimitris Christopoulos : “Refugees are the bogeyman: the real threat is the far right!”


Yeah, right!

And the fact is, the Greek is UN-elected,  by any electorate in a village, county, province or country…


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…chosen, instead, by fellow-leftists, comrades in his agitprop outfit, which is generously funded by Brussels and Soros’ Open Societies crowd, among others.

So he and his clique are completely unrepresentative of any electorate, yet given free rein, encouraged, even, by France24 to berate elected governments of every kind, for not crawling to crimmigrants.

Even Hollande got a slap, because of the anti-terrorist state of emergency in France.


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  • Terrible affront to ‘human rights,’ that minimal step taken to safeguard French people from people like those Islamist savages who committed mass murder in Paris and Nice.
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  • merkel danger
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  • Oh, but Germany’s all right, we heard, because they let in a million unvetted aliens, and naturally, the rest of Europe ought to share the consequences of Merkel’s subversive action.
  • Twas a hefty ten minutes of free propaganda for the Greek, without a single challenging or critical question about his outfit’s funding, its ideology, his overt demand that every European nation have an alien albatross slung around its neck.
  • Christopoulos is entitled to his horrendous opinions.
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  • liberal-media-bias
  • But why does France 24 feel entitled to provide him with a megaphone?