Illegals – USC Students Face Threat For Telling The Truth!



Students told: Don’t use term ‘illegal immigrant’ on final exam

Another disgraceful abuse of power by academic asses!

That’s the only rational response to the shocking story from the University of Southern California, apart from the obvious question…



…why is an Un-American like Alicia Chavez holding down a job in what used to be a reputable American university.


Read the link to learn what kind of pinko hogwash Chavez is spouting in her classes. 


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Jolie Chea



But she obviously has useful support from collaborationist running dogs lower down the hogwash food-chain!

The intolerant flunkey who sent out the email is Jolie Chea, a teachers assistant for Professor Alicia Chávez in the class “America, the Frontier and the New West.”

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A copy of Chea’s email was provided to The Fix by a student in the class who asked to remain anonymous for fear that their final grade might be hurt for going to the media with the information.

But the student said they felt the admonishment against using the wording was a violation of their First Amendment rights and, what’s more, forbids them from using a legal term also employed by the courts.

Maybe that indoctrination assistant was only following the orders of her far-left professor.




But that defence surely went out of fashion in Nuremberg 1945?