Indonesia’s Oppressed Won’t Get The Xmas They Deserve!

 Will President Jokowi restore religious liberty as a Christmas present to his persecuted Protestant fellow-citizens?

I had been planning to write something on this but a local media report reminded me to stop idling during this public holiday (The Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday!) and get on with it!


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Human rights activist Todung Mulya Lubis said he was seriously disappointed with the the human rights agenda in two years of Joko Widodo/Jusuf Kalla leadership.

During these two years, the government has not managed to resolve any cases of past human rights.

“We were somewhat disappointed by the non-realization of the human rights agenda,” said Todung





Todung was one of the compilers of the Jokowi-JK legal agenda when the two ran for office in the 2014 presidential election.

At that time, human rights activists had high hopes for Jokowi to resolve cases of past human rights violations.


Can’t quarrel with the man!

Despite clear-cut rulings, as far up the line as the Supreme Court, the President has failed to enforce those court decrees.

So the Christian congregants of Bogor’s GKI Yasmin and Bekasi’s HKBP Filadelfia continue to worship, in rain or baking heat, across the road from his palace in downtown Jakarta.

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Praying, the persecuted people face the palace of the man who won’t enforce his own high court’s order


  • Every second Sunday, they show up to sing and preach and pray on the street there, a standing condemnation of the government’s lack of commitment to the pluralism Jokowi likes to boast about.
  • The media don’t any longer report it much. Every so often some reporter takes notice, like this, a few months ago.


Bona Sigalingging 2

…until now, our two churches are outlawed in Bogor and Bekasi,  still sealed illegally by two local governments and no remedy from the central government,” said Bona Sigalingging, a spokesman for GKI Yasmin, in front of Merdeka palace in Jakarta… .

I must calculate when their next service is due and try to attend it. Whatever, I’ll do my best to drop by on Christmas Day.

It will, I gather, be the 120th time they’ve had to worship this way.

Hard to believe any country could do this to their own people, but if you recall the vile savagery…

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devil destroyed

…and rancid hypocrisy in the neighbourhoods concerned…

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….it is sadly not surprising.