Calais Cleaned Up? So Who Snarled- ‘I’ll F—ing Kill You!’


Wasn’t it Mama Stasi Merkel’s French Poodle, President Francois Hollande, who was so very recently strutting his stuff, trying to take credit for cleansing Calais of its long-standing crimmigrant pollution problem, revelling in his heroic achievement… 

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..,for dumping loads of undesirable aliens on defenceless French communities with not a single local referendum to see if the citizens wanted the brutes.

Now, thanks to a septuagenarian pop star’s nightmarish ordeal, we know that the clear-out was largely cosmetic, or, more precisely, self-serving hogwash.


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  • ——-
  • Tony Christie, whose big 1971 hit was Amarillo, was on his way home from Germany, with his wife and his band, in a trailer, when a gang of masked migrant savages attacked.


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  • ————————
  • One of the swine hollered  –
  • ‘I’ll f—ing kill you!’

  • ———-
  • Happily, Tony and the rest of the intended victims survived, though one of the guitarists was wounded.
  • You can read the whole story on the link.
  • But the key part is this –
  • The petrol station where the attack took place is close to Grande-Synthe migrant camp, which sits alongside the A16 motorway connecting Dunkirk and Calais.
  • —————-
  • In other words, the barbarous beasts are still encamped in the vicinity, still prowling thereabouts, still terrorising innocent people?And what do we call those who terrorise?
  • ooooooooooo
  • They are terrorists.
  • ———–
  • It is high time that the new French Prime Minister, Cazeneuve, gave a clear order, not to clear out these phoney ‘refugees,’ but to shoot them down…


shoot terrs

…as we suggested yet again a day or two ago!

But he’s Hollande’s man.



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No way will he do the honourable thing.