Stop Tillerson – He’ll Continue Clinton’s Gaystapo Grovel!

My views on American issues are generally shaped by studying what real conservatives there have to say on USA problems, which they obviously know more about than I do.

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  • Especially on the gaystapo menace, I trust the judgement of organisations like the Family Research  Council.
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  • And on the background of Donald Trump’s nominee for the important position of Secretary of State, the Exxon magnate Rex Tillerson?
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  • Frankly, I’d never heard of the man, but FRC certainly has, and what they have to say about him is chilling!
  • It should motivate all real conservatives to do what they can to make The Donald think again.
  • And if he doesn’t, the Senate should veto Tillerson.
  • Read on and see if you agree. 
  • FRC knows Tillerson all too well, having worked for years to put the brakes on his reckless agenda for a scouting organization that was already dealing with staggering numbers of sexual abuse cases.
  • Unfortunately, the BSA, under Tillerson, ultimately caved to the pressure of the far-Left, irreparably splitting the Scouts and destroying a proud and honorable American tradition.
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  • Yes, what happened to the Boy Scouts of America was both tragic and telling, the rabid zeal that gaystapo groups exhibited to make sure that queers could get in among the youngsters.
  • We covered that issue more than once!

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BSA in USA Confirms What Bullied Lithuanian DJ Had To Say! 

Tillerson has many gaystapo fans.

Under his chairmanship, ExxonMobil’s score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate “Equality” Index has also skyrocketed to 87 percent…

And the LAST place America needs a man like that is in charge of the State Department.

Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have turned what should be an outfit working for the USA into an arm of the LGBT…


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Hi, Hillary, Bye Hillary, Double-Standards, Hillary? 

…or do we need to add more letters?

I gather new forms of maladjustment are being discovered all the time. Facebook’s 71 gender options come to UK users – Telegraph