Hate-Preaching Pinko Prof? Don’t Shoot Her, Fire Her!

It’s of course not acceptable to make death threats against bigoted academic asses like Professor Olga Cox of California, people who grossly abuse their duty to students, which of course is to let the youngsters hear facts, not flatulence.

Defeating hate-merchants like her surely requires rational refutation, not rifle-fire! 

She is apparently being paid to teach a nonsense subject, ‘human sexuality,’ but that does NOT entitle her to spout arrant nonsense!


 Freako Cox

Born in Cuba, she should have stayed in Castro-Land if she dislikes democracy so much


As a taster, get this –

Her abhorrence of democracy had her ranting at her class that the result of the presidential election was an ‘act of terrorism.’ 

But there’s lots more hogwash where that came from!


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  • If you watch the video on the link below, I’m sure you will agree that the demented red rat should be fired by Orange Coast College, which is located in Southern California…

  • …immediately!