Christmas Giving? Here’s A REAL Good Cause!

Most of us get a little more generous at Christmas, but so many charities are tainted or even controlled by far-left or otherwise subversive elements…

Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA! 

…and quite a few others ought to be investigated by the Charity Commissioners

If You Welcome The Crimmigrant Tsunami, Donate To Oxfam! 


Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned! 

…that it can be hard to figure out to whom we should give.

But here’s one appeal which seems to me to be a very worthwhile cause.


Afghanistan is an extremely dangerous place to minister. 
Many pastors have been executed and work underground for safety. To provide funding for these pastors, ICC sets them up in inexpensive small businesses to provide them with funding and a cover for their work. 

For instance, ICC helped start a store for a pastor’s wife so she could help fund her husband’s ministry. Now, she supports three
 pastors and still has money left over to assist other persecuted Christians.

We do this kind of work all over the world and even though we had our most successful year ever serving the victims of persecution, our revenue is down 45% from where it should be… 
We simply do not have the resources.
If you are able, please send a generous gift today and know that your gifts will be used prayerfully, effectively and efficiently.
I promise!
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Jeff King
ICC President