Another Celebrity Savaged By Evil Aliens, This Time In Sweden!

Stricken by Jakarta Flu, blogging output will be minimal this weekend. 




It’s dreary to emulate the life-style of my cat, just eating and sleeping all day, but there’s no spark of creativity. 


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  • I can’t even summon up the energy to walk round to the mini-mart for cigarettes – haven’t had one all day; months since I did without a smoke for so long..

So for tonight, I’m going to skip the alerts from Italy..

Rome on verge of all out WAR between migrants and poor Italians …

…and just offer this retrospect on the most recent example of malignant migrant violence –


After the appalling attack by crimmigrants on one celeb last week, in France…

Calais Cleaned Up? So Who Snarled- ‘I’ll F—ing Kill You!’ 

…we now read of another case, this time in Sweden.

I am not especially into giving undue prominence to ‘celebrities’ as if they are somehow special.

There have been plenty of examples, all over Europe (and America, and Australia) of ‘ordinary’ people being attacked by alien crimmigrants who should never have been admitted to the countries whose citizens they molest and even murder…

Peaceful migrants in Calais

…but it has to be said that victims whose names are well-known are more likely to be read about than the rest of us.

That aspect of ‘celebrity’ needs to be taken into account by all of us who recognise the importance of maintaining a more or less constant drum-beat chorus on crimmigrants…




….the more people are made aware of their undesirable impact, the more easy it should be to elect patriots to facilitate mass deportation. 

So a quick review of what befell the American Ami Horowitz, in a ‘Swedish’ city which has been colonised by undesirables. I won’t say ‘illegals’ because Sweden’s ruling class has done all in its power to facilitate the colonisation, inflicting thereby a nightmare on the indigenous population.

.Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun


Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden


The poor Yank found himself beset by beasts… 

  • “They repeatedly punched, kicked and choked me, as a number of bystanders watched. Eventually they dragged me into a building, which at the time I assumed was to finish me off.   
  • Once inside the apartment building vestibule, they resumed their vicious attack. But seconds later someone opened an apartment door directly above us, and it luckily spooked them enough to run away.”
  • Sounds an entirely credible scenario of crimmigrant cowardice.
  • These ‘migrants’ – often of military age, including the so-called ‘child migrants!’ –  were unwilling to fight for their own countries, unwilling to defend women and children in the communities they left behind.


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  • So a craven mob-handed attack by five savages on one stranger who dared enter ‘their’ territory -albeit in a country to which they have no allegiance – should come as no surprise.
  • Ami was actually making a documentary about ‘no-go’ areas, where real Swedes, even cops, are loathe to venture.
  • Nor is Sweden the only country where such areas are known to exist.
  • Hopefully, the next President of France will actually DO something about those in Paris and other cities infested with disloyal sectarians.
  • Hollande hasn’t, because he hasn’t even tried.  
  • If the police can’t or won’t subdue the swine, then the armed forces should be assigned the task.
  • After all, the West and its allies are engaged in fighting much the same enemy in Mosul.