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Good guys facing jail-time?

This patriotic pair put up some posters…

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…denouncing the Jew-hater Students for Palestine gang which is currently polluting American campuses.

…campus police confronted the two men, confiscated their posters and materials, and arrested them for “destruction of property worth at least $2,500.” Not bothering to read the two men their Miranda rights, the police officers handcuffed them so tightly that they’d be bruised for days.

They told them that they were being arrested for a “class 6 felony” and transported them to a cramped jail cell in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, where they were held for the next 14 hours until they were released on $8,000 bail.

Of course, the Freedom Center got them released as soon as it could, but both men face a criminal court hearing and possible jail time.

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Oleg Atbashian, looking back on his youth as an anti-Communist activist in the former Soviet Union, sees a sad irony in being arrested on a U.S. campus while exercising his free speech rights to counter terrorism:

“Back in my Soviet dissident days, when I was collecting signatures in defense of Andrei Sakharov, I was screamed at, threatened, and lectured by the KGB and Communist functionaries. What I never imagined was that in the United States, the land of the free, I would not only be subjected to similar treatment, but go to jail.”

That’s why the Freedom Center has set up a Campus Legal Fund to raise an initial $50,000 in the next week to cover both men’s attorney and court fees.