Lock Lagarde Up? Not A Chance – She’s In With The In-Crowd!

It was nice to see that, at long last, the trial, in Paris, of one of the British people’s main Brexit enemies was underway.


Gambar kisah untuk lagarde dari Aljazeera.com


  • Not, unfortunately, for her arrogant intrusion into the UK’s internal affairs, which we deplored at the time.

Loser Lagarde – After Brexit, Now Facing French Trial! 

But instead for alleged negligence when she was a Minister in a French government several years ago.

But the news of her court appearance turned out to have been, not actually fake news (whatever that new buzz-word means) but rather a false dawn…


justice joke


French prosecutor calls for IMF’s Lagarde to be acquitted | Reuters

…for those of us who still retain an old-fashioned belief that the international elite get treated by the justice system no differently from us mere mortals.

I always though it was the defence lawyer’s job to call for acquittal.